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recette de vins à l'ancienne

“Old-fashioned” wine recipes

In this article, find out how to make your own orange wine, walnuts, peach leaves or even your homemade puff. These “old fashioned” recipes will no longer hold any secrets for you. Even if these recipes are delicious, do not forget that alcohol is dangerous for health, it should be consumed in moderation.

Nut wine

To make your own walnut wine you will need 5 liters of red or rosé wine, ideally a Pierrevert AOP (Village d’Or or Soleil), half a liter of brandy, one kilo of sugar in cubes, 35 nuts green and a stick of vanilla. Mix everything and let macerate for 45 days. Don’t forget to stir regularly and filter.

  • 5 liters of red or rosé AOP Pierrevert
  • ½ liter of brandy
  • 1 kg of sugar cubes
  • 35 green walnuts
  • 1 stick of vanilla

Orange wine

This time you will need 5 liters of Pierrevert rosé PDO (again our Village d’Or or Soleil cuvée), three quarters of a liter of brandy, eight orange peels, one lemon, one vanilla stick and a kilo of sugar. Before roasting the orange peels. Once this step is done, mix everything and let stand 50 days. For the maceration to take place, remember to stir and filter it regularly.

  • 5 liters of AOP Pierrevert rosé
  • ¾ liter of brandy
  • 8 grilled orange peels
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 stick of vanilla


For this drink, leave it to rest for several days. To make your homemade puff you are going to need three liters of red Pierrevert AOP, you can choose for example our Cuvée Éclat d’Été, an organic wine (available in 3-liter bibs in our shop).
Also take a liter of grenadine and three quarters of a liter of kirsch. Mix it all up and you will get your homemade Guignolet.

  • 3 liters of red AOP Pierrevert
  • 1 liter of grenadine
  • ¾ liter of kirsch

Peach leaf wine

And finally here is the recipe for a delicious homemade peach leaf wine. You will again need 5 liters of Pierrevert rosé AOP, 350 peach leaves and a liter of brandy. Mix everything, let macerate for about 45 days, stir regularly so that the leaves mix well with the liquid.

  • 5 lit5 liters of AOP Pierrevert rosé
  • 350 peach leaves
  • 1 liter of brandy

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