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“Old-fashioned” wine recipes

Find out how to make your own orange wine, walnuts, peach leaves or even your homemade puff. These “old-fashioned” recipes will no longer hold any secrets for you !

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Corinne’s provençal daube

Corinne makes you discover her recipe for the famous Provençal Daube, typical dish of our beautiful region !

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The Jérémy’s risotto with prawns

Chef Jérémy Delplace offers you this risotto, a typically Italian specialty that has become one of the favorite dishes of the French.

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The cherry clafoutis

Here is the recipe for Clafoutis from our grandmothers with cherries !

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The provençal “petits farcis”

Typical dish of Provence, here is the recipe “petits farcis” to taste with a Pierrevert wine of course !

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